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SalonWygs 2020 Giveaway

Salon WYGS 2020 Giveaway! We're selecting 10 WINNERS & IT CAN BE YOU! The rules are SIMPLE.

First Drawing - 5 WINNERS - Boys, Men or Women Haircuts (1 cut per person) $5 entry fee

Second Drawing ‐ 1 WINNER - $100 cash prize! $10 entry fee

Third Drawing - 4 WINNERS - Quick Weave Services + Hair (1 style per person). $15 entry fee

You may enter as many times as you like. The more entries, the greater your chances at winning. All names are chosen from an easy drawing system. I WILL GO LIVE April 5th at 6pm. Be sure to join us! THE EXPERIENCE AND EXCITEMENT WILL BE AMAZING TO WITNESS BECAUSE I WILL HAVE SECRET PRIZES AS WELL. THE SECRET PRIZE WINNERS ARE SELECTED FROM THOSE WHO ENTERED THE DRAWING! All entries MUST be received by the 4th of April before 12am. WILL THE WINNER BE YOU?

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