About Us 

Gala Attire - The 2022 Ki Release is a major event where a runway has been designed to bring some of the finest stylists, barbers, makeup artist and designers center stage to restore life back into men, women children suffering hair loss due to cancer or alopecia! The Edwards Foundation is honored to host such an event that is going to impact lives TOP LEVEL STYLE!

We are looking for TOP NOTCH entrepreneurs to be a part of this awesome celebration, so we decided to create an exhibition hall for vendors like you. We're not only interested in you all showing up, we want to make sure you connect with the expected SOLD OUT crowd! More information is go registration link below. 

Vendors Packages 
- Early Bird $65 - Ends Oct 15
- Early Bird $145 - Ends Oct 15
- Two 6ft Tables - $165.00 - Ends Nov 10th 
(you provide tables, we provide four chairs)
- One 6ft Table - $85.00 - Ends Nov 10th
(you provide table, we provide two chairs)
- One Facility Table - $120.00 - Ends Nov 10th (we provide table and two chairs)
- Two Facility Tables - $235.00 - Ends Nov 10th (we provide tables and four chairs)
Registration Link