The Ki Release – About Us

The Ki Release is a runway hair show produced by Salon Wygs. Shannon and Ki Edwards are the owners of Salon Wygs located in Birmingham, Alabama. They personally understand how hair loss can negatively impact both men and women! Today we offer transformations on how wigs and male units are viewed.


The Ki Release caters to both men and women suffering hair loss due to cancer, alopecia. Their goal is to change lives through makeovers, laughter, fun, music, vendors and more. Every other year The Ki Release packs its bags and hits the road to a different city searching out those suffering from hair loss and creating a runway that will serve as a platform for inspired barbers, stylists and makeup artists utilizing their God-given gifts to create wigs, male units and makeup artistry in their own unique ways. A stage of collaborating gifts comes together as one to change lives!

An added bonus to this event celebration is selecting the audience winners to be transformed through their own makeovers and presented on the runway. Other giveaways are also guaranteed to be handed out to an expected SOLD OUT crowd of supporters, family and friends of this awesome day!

The event proceeds are being donated to American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, as well as breast and alopecia foundations that provide support to our runway models. Additional proceeds are being applied to our nominees so they can keep the clothing, custom hair pieces and hire the best team to assist in making this a day they will not forget. Your donations and support will help us to reach even more people in the community than you can imagine. This event has helped so many triumph over negative doctor’s reports, insecurities, and depression. Some of our nominees’ final memories involved a beautiful makeover and an always-remembered smile!

For this, we sincerely thank you for your continued support!