Due to our unforeseen circumstances with COVID-19, we are following all safety guidelines from the CDC by remaining 6 feet apart and strongly enforcing wearing a face mask. But most importantly, the link below has been created to share information to help lower the risk of contracting COVID-19. Due to us seeing cancer patients on a daily basis, we know firsthand how important it is to keep our white blood count high. The information in the link explains ways to boost our immune system and fight off all bacteria so we can enjoy this event while most importantly staying healthy and safe. The mask and staying 6 feet away is temporary but building up our autoimmune system should be a lifestyle!
General Admission: 6 feet apart in nice stadium seating. Families are allowed to sit together.
General Admission: $35 DAY OF SHOW
VIP: Front & Center arranged stage seating with gift bags, gourmet catering, top-notch treatment from the best servers, pictures with hosts and guest artists, and lower floor camera action.