4 Braid Unit
4 Braid Unit
4 Braid Unit
4 Braid Unit

4 Braid Unit

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  • 100% Raw Human Unit
  • Full Lace Base
  • Curl Code 3b (8mm) Toupee
  • Natural Brown - 1b/2
  • Unprocessed 100g (3.5 oz) No Shedding
  • Alopecia Hair Replacement
  • Should last up to 1 year with proper care

Hair Care

  • Co-wash before installing
  • Tie down hair at night to manage hair

Additional Information

Our raw hair toppers are an excellent choice for men and women looking to add a realistic look. This texture blends very well with natural 3b (8mm) hair code textures, made 100% raw. Our texture will surpass all expectations. We are proud of our Ki Collection brand. NEVER chemically processed and cuticles are intact, making whatever style or color achievable.

The weft on our hair toppers are tightly woven meaning no shedding. The wefts mimic human hair texture and will compliment those suffering hair loss due to chemotherapy or alopecia as well as those who are looking for a natural blend. The hair can be professionally colored and bleached. Heat may be applied and treated as your own. Please use a heat protectant to prevent heat damage